Antoinette Corvo

Antoinette Corvo

Antoinette Corvo was born in Brooklyn, New York in the Gravesend/Coney Island area. She is of Italian heritage and a first generation American.

Antoinette Corvo is a Horror and/or Psycho-Thriller author. She adores giallo films and the works of Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Jess Franco, and naturally Dario Argento.

Antoinette loves being immersed in her culture yet she is also a hamburger and fries kind of person (not to mention Chinese Food!).

Antoinette Corvo has almost completely overcome a life-crippling mental illness since childhood from age eleven. Presently, Antoinette reached a level of confidence to share her voice. She has her husband Michael to thank for this.

She is currently a resident of Pennsylvania Poconos, living her best life with her husband Michael Lee Caswell, spoiling her boxer K9 daughter named Vanilla Bean and their “gangsta” son parakeet Dunkin Donut.

The country life and being surrounded by nature was one of Antoinette’s wisest decisions.